Saturday, February 27, 2021

Super Genius to release 4th album

Check out "There Are Reasons" from the forthcoming Super Genius album Raining Colors. Super Genius are Tim Kwiat, and Innocence Mission alum Mike Bitts and Stephen D Brown.

Karen Peris appears on new Lost Horizons track

Yesterday, Bella Union recording artist Lost Horizons released their new album In Quiet Moments. Karen Peris wrote the lyrics and sang on the song "This Is The Weather." You can buy the track on or watch the video below.

Saturday, February 06, 2021

Birds of My Neighborhood gets another re-release on VINYL!

On February 5th, The Innocence Mission have re-released their original version of Birds of My Neighborhood from Kneeling Elephant Records (on their own label). This version, however, is being released on 12" vinyl for the very first time. Get it quick. Their vinyl releases typically sell out relatively fast and become scarce to find once that happens.